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"I'm hoping to continue to do seminars and workshops on activating young people to create change - we're the most powerful generation in history, we just need people to listen to us!"
Alumna, 2017
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The Problem

Young women with socioeconomic barriers face a proven disadvantage in their future prosperity. 

The Solution

Girls E-Mentorship (GEM) was founded in 2012 from a vision that all young women should have the opportunity to succeed despite where they’ve come from or what barriers they’ve faced. We believe that women mentoring girls is essential in fostering the success of the next generation, and critical to creating gender equity in Canada.

GEM's Mission

GEM is a top 100 rated charity offering a research-based mentorship program for high school girls facing socioeconomic barriers to build their professional skills and to achieve their academic and career potential.

GEM Program

By providing young women with one-on-one mentorship, skill-building, enrichment opportunities, scholarships, and internships, GEM offers a transformative experience that empowers success long after high school graduation.

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Program Goals

1. Reduced Systemic Barriers
2. Improved academic opportunities
3. Improved career guidance
4. Improved self-confidence
5. Enriched social capital

Our Dynamic Program Includes...

Program Impact


Alumnae attribute having a mentor to their success


Left the program knowing how to achieve their goals


Left the program feeling prepared for the next chapter of their life

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When you support GEM, you’re not just supporting a program. You’re supporting a generation.

Alumna, 2018

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