Annual Impact Report

GEM Annual

Impact Report

January 2019 – June 2020

Our Mission

Girls E-Mentorship (GEM) offers an innovative mentorship program for high school girls facing multiple barriers. We equip girls with the necessary skills to achieve their grown-up aspirations, building a diverse network of talented, vibrant women and girls to inspire and support one other.

Message from Our Founder

Our Impact

GEM began with just 22 girls from a single priority neighbourhood in Toronto. Today, we’ve grown into a robust and dynamic program across the GTA and beyond, helping transform the lives of hundreds of young women poised to become the next generation of leaders.
Number of Program Participants and Events


mentees accepted since 2014


mentors since 2014


GEMinars And GEMEnrichments Provided

received post-secondary scholarships


attributed their success to having a mentor


of GEMgirls were accepted to their first choice of post-secondary school

Program Goals

GEM’s mentorship program was developed with educators, social workers, and policy experts in conjunction with high school girls.
Reduced Systematic Barriers
Improved Academic Opportunities
Improved Career Guidance
Improved Self-Esteem
Enriched Social Capital
of GEMgirls coming out of the program said they know the direction they want to take after high school
GEMgirls who were able to set goals and achieve them

Program Pillars

Since 2012, GEM has found new ways to innovate and grow in order to provide programming that supports and guides mentees.
Our six distinct program pillars are:

Executive Director's Report

GEMGirl Statistics (2019-20 Program Year)

GEMGirl Demographics
GEMGirl Barriers
Ameera S.  |  Alumna, 2015
"GEM allowed me to let the confidence I knew I had all along shine through. Mentorship provided me with the tools I needed to succeed… After GEM, I have a clear vision of where I want to go and what I want to do – nothing will stand in my way!”

Program Summary (2019-20)

By the Numbers


applicants to the program


mentees accepted


scholarships given out


internships provided

Impact by the end of the program year


had extensive knowledge of various industries they could pursue


felt confident advocating for themselves


had a clear idea of what their personal strengths are


were able to set their goals and achieve them


understood what perseverance and grit mean

Learning Outcomes

Strengthened Communications
Increased Confidence
Industry Knowledge
Professional Skills
Social Skills

GEM Voices

Ella W.  |  Alumna, 2020
“As an immigrant, English wasn’t my first language. I didn’t know the Canadian culture and I was shy and hesitant when approaching new people. I joined GEM to improve my communication and interpersonal skills and to explore potential career options.
My mentor was extremely supportive, approachable and compassionate. She is also an immigrant, which made me feel at ease and understood. She helped me discover potential career and university options and improved my professional online presence and my resume and cover letter. Most importantly, she taught me the value of building long-lasting relationships and not to be afraid when asking for help.
The 9 months with GEM were incredibly productive and eye-opening. GEM's inclusive environment prompted me to step outside my comfort zone and created a space where we felt safe and accepted for who we were. The enrichment opportunities gave me the opportunity to practice my speaking skills in front of different groups of people. They aided me through self-discovery and helped answer questions related to who I was as a person, what I valued and what possible career paths I could take.
At the end of the GEM program, I applied and was a recipient for the GEM STEM scholarship. Coming from a low-income immigrant family, financial resources are often difficult to obtain. Neither of my parents know English and receiving the STEM scholarship has given me an opportunity to finance part of my university tuition.
I’ve become a whole new person through GEM. In the future, I want to help others in need by offering mentorship, knowledge and support. I am so thankful for this experience.”

In the Media

The GEM Community

By the Numbers


corporate funders





individual donors




GEM Board of Directors

  • Rochelle de Goias-Jackman, Co-Chair
  • Mary Lee, Co-Chair
  • Pamela Borges, Communications Chair
  • Susan Humphrey, Mentee Chair
  • Melissa Krishna, Fundraising Chair
  • Lucia Liscio, Mentor Co-Chair
  • Helen Liu, Secretary
  • Jenny Seto, Treasurer
  • Anne-Marie Sorrenti, Mentor Co-Chair
  • Maria Vilshanski, HR Chair

Committee Members

  • Yoomi Astley
  • Sarah Cheng
  • Hugh Christie
  • Tanya Colacci
  • Emily Coolican
  • Barbara Csenge
  • Peggy Doe
  • Alexandra Folkes
  • Claire Glossop Irani
  • Salujah Gnanachandran
  • Gail Graham
  • Jane Helmen
  • Rebecca Hodge
  • Heather Humphrey
  • Farah Ismail
  • Zainab Kanuga
  • Meaghan Kappel
  • Lindsay Karkheck
  • Kristina Khanduja
  • Alexandra Kotschorek
  • Andrea Koronovich
  • Michelle Kurtz
  • Li-Lian Lui
  • Jennifer Lockwood
  • Deanna Logan
  • Andrea MacDonald
  • Anne Maggisano
  • Megan Mah
  • Sapna Makhija
  • Shilpa Mandhan
  • Roz McLean
  • Vina Nadjibulla
  • Chelsea Oswald
  • Christina Persad
  • Melissa Prado
  • Robyn Ross
  • Allison Rozman
  • Wendy Salisko
  • Victoira Sauveplane
  • Kay Schonberger
  • Paris Semansky
  • Kristin Shearer
  • Nicole Silver
  • Jessica Singh
  • Ayesha Singh
  • Arlene Stratton
  • Verity Sylvester
  • Patricia Thaine
  • Shobana Thaya
  • Kayla Theeuwen
  • Annette Warring
  • Susan Wellington
  • Naomi Zener

GEM Team

  • Wendy Sung-Aad, Executive Director
  • Kayla Calder, Engagement Lead
  • Rebecca Hazell, Program Lead
  • Emma Murray, Project and Policy Associate
  • Kelly Nguyen, Graphic Designer


Statement of Income

Thank You

It is only with the generosity of our sponsors, funders, partners, and donors that this important work is possible. Our sincerest thanks to all of them for their dedication and commitment to GEM.

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