About GEM Lab

GEM’s innovative mentorship program was created in collaboration with educators, social workers, policy experts, and high-school girls facing socioeconomic barriers. Continuing our commitment to research-based work, GEM Lab is a Canadian centre for evidence-based mentorship solutions to dismantle barriers and contribute to the academic and professional success of marginalized girls and women. GEM Lab convenes leaders, experts, academics, practitioners, and community members from across sectors to share, learn, and develop mentorship solutions to advance inclusive economic growth.

Current Projects

Customized mentorship intervention

This research project, A Customized Mentorship Intervention: Girls E-Mentorship Case Study, continues GEM’s leadership in mentorship innovation by researching non-cognitive or “soft skills” as critical tools for improving outcomes for low-income adolescents. The research is being conducted in partnership with Dr. Micheal Shier (Associate Professor, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto).

Mentor canada partnership

GEM is one of several mentorship charities partnering with Mentor Canada in developing an innovative mentorship platform that will host curriculum, resources, and communication for mentorship program participants. GEM has been meeting regularly for during 2020 with the Mentor Canada working group to provide feedback on the development of the application.

Consulting Projects

magna international inc.

GEM was approached in the summer of 2020 based on our expertise in the field of mentorship to create a peer program for the employees of Magna International Inc. Through our research, we developed the Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Model for women at Magna to provide participants with the most support to grow personally and professionally.

the globe and mail

In the fall of 2020, GEM collaborated with the Globe and Mail local union leaders to help them to establish a mentorship and scholarship program. 

the prosperity project

In the winter of 2020, GEM assisted the Prosperity Project in helping them to establish their mentorship program. 

Questions or Inquiries

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