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Corporate Partnerships

There are lots of ways to partner with GEM.

1. Make a corporate gift to spark a partnership that will benefit your team and our GEMgirls. For more information, contact:

2. Sponsor a GEMinar, an Enrichment Opportunity or Internship for GEMgirls. For a sponsorship package, contact:

3. Donations in-kind – Share tickets to events and cultural activities for GEMgirls to attend. We also welcome Gift certificates and items that can be used to help support our operations. Many gifts in-kind are eligible for a tax receipt. For more information, contact:

4. Benevity. Companies associated with Benevity can process a donation to GEM through the Benevity portal - just search for “Girls E-Mentorship Innovation”.

5. United Way. You can choose to designate all, or part of your United Way donation to GEM - just search for “Girls E-Mentorship Innovation”.

Other ways to support Gem