GEM Scholarships

Thank you for investing in the
next generation of future leaders!

GEM offers annual scholarships to GEM mentees who have displayed exceptional initiative and need. The scholarships offered have been generously sponsored by individual and corporate partners and aim to assist mentees in their educational goals and endeavours.

2020-21 Scholarship Recipients

haleema a.

"I am honoured to be the recipient of GEM’s Top Scholarship sponsored by Partum Consulting. This scholarship replaces a working shift at Walmart with a volunteer shift at the vaccine clinic, and replaces stressing over textbook costs with mentoring other premeds. Thanks to the generous support of your company and my university, I will be able to pursue my Biomedical Sciences degree debt-free!"

thenugaa r.

"With [this] scholarship, I am now able to attend the Global Pre-Meds Program, which is designed to allow students to shadow doctors around the world. I [will] be going to Africa, and giving back to the community through helping out at hospitals and clinics. This is only possible through your sponsorship and I sincerely thank you for that."

yang jing z.

"Your generous contribution has enabled me to pursue my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto for Life Sciences, with the prospect of immersing myself in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science studies. With the scholarship's aid, I can explore courses and certifications that would allow me to build my skills and knowledge related to my prospective career."

amna Y.

Thank you Burgundy Asset Management Ltd. for your generous donation!

Aniqa t.

Thank you Jeannette Wiltse for your generous donation!

aparnaa t.

Thank you Eva Lau for your generous donation! 

Isabelle G.

Thank you Elspeth Malcolm for your generous donation!

juliana y.

Thank you SunLife and Dream for your generous donations!

kelis l.

Thank you Kayla Theeuwen for your generous donation! 

maureen s.

Thank you Dream for your generous donation!

nadia i.

Thank you Burgundy Asset Management Ltd. for your generous donation!

simitha r.

Thank you First Frontier Logistics for your generous donation! 

sreela c.

Thank you First Frontier Logistics for your generous donation!

Past Scholarship Recipients

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